Become a Sponsor

We are pleased to invite your company to come participate as a sponsor at the second annual Food Allergy Bloggers Conference, September 26-28, 2014 at the South Point Hotel, in Las Vegas, NV.

We welcome you with the understanding that food allergy bloggers are different. We blog to share knowledge, more than to gain readers, sell things, promote ideas, or even to make money. We do this to help others, connecting them to resources to make the journey easier. Part of that is finding our own support network: of fellow bloggers, companies and products that help us help others, who are managing food allergies. We are authentic in both our praise and loyalty, to the brands and products we use and recommend.

We call ourselves FABlogCon for short and “Con” need not mean “Conference” alone – we want it to imply “Connection.”  This is a chance for inspiration and collaboration.  Having your company not only represented with, online influencers of the food allergy community, but connecting on a personal level with these passionate advocates at the start and throughout the conference is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

For more information about becoming a sponsor please contact us HERE.

Want to share your product but can not attend? We have options for you as well – get in touch!

Media Relations –Jenny Sprague- email:


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